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Looking for a premium golf simulator experience in a fun friendly environment? Book online at General Public Frankston for yourself, you and your mates or the whole family!

Welcome to the most premium golf simulator facility in Australia.

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All ages and experience welcome!

It doesnt matter how old, how young or what level of golfing experience you have, our golf simulators are designed for all experience levels, from pro golfers to no experience at all.


Gift Cards Now Available!

Play where the pros play.

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Ever wondered if you could conquer the Road Hole at St Andrews, or the 7th at Pebble Beach? Come and experience the best, and most challenging courses the world has to offer. Hundreds of courses to choose from.

golf club frankston golf course


Enjoy the most immersive golf, playing in 4K graphics, unlike any golf experience before. We custom make our own home cinema impact screens so the image is perfect and flat. The he feel is ultra precise with instantaneous ball tracking. 

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The EYEXO precisely measures spin using non marked golf balls, this is a revolutionary first for an overhead launch monitor. Get your analytics while you play. The EYEXO combines with the widest range of the best course software available. 

Where to find us?

Golfsim General Public

16-22 Playne Street
Frankston, VIC, 3199

Rooftop Parking:

Enter from Davey Street off Nepean Highway

P: 1300 576 740

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We are in the business of helping golfers master their passion and excel at what they love.   Through the use of the best golf simulator technology, the UNEEKOR EYEXO, we give golfers at General Public Frankston the fastest, most precise, convenient and comfortable indoor training experience, with everything you need at your fingertips.   Discover simple and profound insights to get better and enjoy your golf more.

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