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How do I ensure my golf simulator room remains clean and organised?

A few ideas to get you started....

1. Get a club rack: Without this clubs can just be leant against wall here there and everywhere

2. Have a ramp at the screen: this ensures you only use 1 ball, and it rolls back to you. Without the ramp, it comes down to your belief in yourself to take the few steps towards the screen and back after each shot to collect your ball. Some have best intentions, but soon find they leave 30 balls at the screen and walk away

3. If you don’t want a ramp because you prefer a flat floor (which is entirely reasonable), use a ball caddy to collect and easily release the balls. It is quicker, easier and cleaner.

4. Have a simple club cleaner: this definitely isn’t critical, but it can enforce goods habits for you and your friends (and an easy way to keep your grooves clean for maximum control). In doing so, you will help keep your impact screen the cleanest, brightest and the picture looking the best

5. Have a computer cabinet: this ensures all cables and wires are well hidden away

6. Use the right materials and right person for installation: using any materials that can sag or disfigure will quickly stand out like a sore thumb when your impact screen is light up and everything else is dark



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