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The largest UNEEKOR discount promotion ever on golf simulator launch monitors

In our twelve years of selling the most advanced golf simulators in the world, we have never seen bigger news than what we would like to share with you.

As exclusive Australian distributors of the Uneekor, we are pleased to announce the new 20% discounted pricing for the QED and EYEXO, the biggest discount promotion we have ever seen. Additionally, the EYEXO2 now INCLUDES the Performance Optix bundle, at no extra cost! All new purchases will require a license subscription.

Uneekor overhead launch monitors have always redefined the highest level of accuracy at a more affordable price point compared to the other coaching/club fitting and actual game improvement simulator technologies. There is no more accurate simulator system with complete integration across swing, club, ball cameras, balance mats and with as much access the best software, graphics and courses.

home golf simulator melbourne
There has never been a more accessible time to enter the world of quality home golf simulators

Contact us today to get the golf simulator of your dreams. Share your space, dimensions and plans with us and we choose the Uneekor overhead launch monitor of your choice at the most affordable price point they have ever been!



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