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The EYEXO overhead tracking system builds upon the success of the QED system. The EYEXO can detect exact spin using non marked golf balls, this is a revolutionary first for an overhead launch monitor. The unit is ceiling mounted which offers distinct advantages over floor based sensors such as a Trackman or GC Quad, please enquire for more details!

Uneekor EYE XO launch monitor

Club Data

Ball Data

Smash Factor

Club Speed

Club Path

Club Face angle

Club face to path

Attack Angle

Club loft angle

Club lie angle

Impact point vertical and horizontal

Ball speed

Ball launch angle vertical

Ball launch angle horizontal

Realtime ball spin back and side

Carry distance and total distance


Land angle

Total flight time


Software Options

VIEW (Comes Standard)


Optional Upgrades




Creative Golf 3D

E6 Connect

The EYEXO is an overhead launch monitor that is installed between 2.7m and 3m off the ground. This provides the ideal indoor launch monitor, no requirement for obstructions on the ground. Golfsim Australia specialises in integrated simulators into any custom space. Please enquire for more details.

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