Frequently asked questions

How big does my space have to be?

The recommended size of the golfsim room is minimum of 3m wide, 2.8m high and 5m deep. The ideal dimensions are 5m wide, 3m high and greater than 7m deep. We have done many jobs in unique spaces and can help customise your job as required.

Can I use my own computer and projector?

Yes it possible to use your own computer if it meets the current specs. It is beneficial for golfsim to supply the exact spec computer and load and test applications especially for Bravo. The projector we supply is custom picked for golf simulators, the general placement is 5.5m from the screen and can be offset from centre. Some applications demand a short throw projector however if possible the standard mid throw projector is desirable.

How much does a full system cost?

The general price range is $30,000 to $60,000. This includes all consultation, design, delivery and installation. We generally do not provide electrician and building works to modify the room to be ready for the golfsim. This is normally done by the clients builder according to our supplied custom plans.

What is the lead times?

We carry stock of most items however some are custom made like screens and wall and roof padding. General lead time on a golf simulator after the deposit payment is about 6 to 8weeks.

If I can build the simulator myself what is required?

We can sell just the launch monitors to clients that have the ability to build their own system or already have the simulator and require and upgrade. This transactions assumed the client has full knowledge and competency of the requirements and thus does not include an indefinite amount of tech support or booth design consultancy.