Frequently asked questions

Measures Taken

What measures is AGrader taking to ensure the safety of its students?

(Aug 2020) Why is the maximum class size now 9 to 10 and no longer 6?

We have rearranged our classroom furniture configuration in alignment to the prevailing Government's safe distancing measures. Students will be organised in groups of up to 5, with strictly no physical interaction or intermingling between different groups. A minimum space of 1 metre between groups will be maintained at all time.


I am unable to commit to my original timeslot. May I change to another timeslot?

To change to another timeslot, you must first consider alternative timings. All class schedules can be found here: https://www.agrader.sg/fees If you have an alternative timing in mind, please contact our centre's representatives so we can check on the availability in time-slots for you.

Can I know if the 100% Live-Streamed class offering will be permanent?

Yes, our 100% Live-Streamed Class will be a permanent offering alongside our Physical Class offering.

Students will now be able to choose to attend our AGrader Lessons either at the AGrader premises or from the comfort of their homes.

What if I’ll like to change back to Physical lessons after trying out the 100% Live-Streamed Class?

In every class, there is already a slot reserved for you no matter what medium you choose to take up. If you'd like to attend the lessons physically, please first note the branch location that you're enrolled in as lessons will be conducted at the branch itself.

You may then approach our friendly outlet representatives at your respective outlet and they will assist to advise you accordingly for the arrangements.

Why are recordings not made available on the AGrader Online Platform?

To protect the privacy and interests of our teachers and to ensure that no illegal recordings of our lessons is made and resold, we will not be able to avail recordings of our lessons on the AGrader Online Platform. To help students improve, we would also need to instill discipline in students to attend a lesson "Live" in real time instead of watching a recording, as we would need to encourage participation and observation on the teacher's end, which can only be done "Live" and not over a recording. If there is the need to rewatch the lesson for sake of plugging learning gaps, as well as for make-up lessons, recordings will still be available for watching at the centres. AGrader has invested in extra chairs, tablets and headphones so your child can come for unlimited # of revision sessions. To book a session, click here: www.agrader.sg/appt

Why isn't my invoice pro-rated or adjusted instantly for live-streamed lessons?

Administratively, we need time to bill the correct amount to the correct family for the correct items and at an appropriate time. At the moment, we are experiencing an unprecedented high volume of changes in family arrangements (example below), and as we endeavour to do our very best for every family, we seek your understanding that for live-streamed and rotational arrangements that we will be handling the billing via the credit note system in your following month's bill. Example of changes: #1 - Student A opts for Classroom lessons on Tuesday (no changes to invoice) #2 - Student A opts for Live-Streamed lessons on Wednesday afternoon (change #1 required) #3 - Student A changes her mind and wants Classroom lessons again on Wednesday night (change #2 required) #4 - Student A wants to add another subject, purely Live-Streamed on Thursday (change/addition #3 required) #5 - Student A's classes cannot be purely classroom lessons now because other students in the centre has switched to her class' timeslot, and is now on rotational basis (change #4 required) As you can see, the more changes required, the more permutations and errors might occur. We truly seek your understanding as we try our level best to have the arrangements as smooth for you as possible, but because we're dealing with an unprecedented number of requests & changes, we seek your understanding that the best method administratively will be to apportion a credit note in your following month's bill.

What fees do I have to pay when joining AGrader?

For new students, we offer a paid trial of 4 lessons with minimal risk. This means: 1) You pay only for 4 lessons when you enrol. 2) We do not collect your registration fee & deposit upfront. 3) Only when you decide to continue upon the lessons, will we itemize the registration fee & deposit in your next bill. The joining fees applicable are: 1) A one time registration fee 2) 1 month of course fee as deposit for each subject 3) Fees are pro-rated according to how many lessons are left within the month *No material fees EVER.

What happens if there is a 5th lesson in the month?

Fees stated on the class schedule are for 4 lessons. As such, if there is a 5th lesson in the month, fees will be pro-rated. Similarly, in the event when your lesson falls on a public holiday, fees will also be pro-rated accordingly.

How many students are allowed in one class?

We take in a maximum of 12 students, although the classroom can sit up to 15 students. This is to provision for the occasional student from another class attending a make-up class.

Why do I have to pay for a one-month deposit for each subject?

Upon your enrollment, AGrader commits a seat for the chosen class & timing to you. That means that in the event that the class is full (12 students), we turn away every student that is interested in enrolling as the seat is reserved for you. Without a deposit - we have no way of guaranteeing your spot as we will not know whom to commit the spots to accordingly.
*We only collect the one-month deposit fees AFTER your trial package is completed.

What should I do if my child is unable to attend a lesson?

At AGrader, we have the 2 solutions for students who are unable to attend their lessons:

1) Make-Up Classes

You may approach the staff at AGrader to arrange for a make-up class (same level and subject) within the same academic week (Monday to Sunday) as all classes are going through the same worksheet for that week.
Do note that we will only allow students who have informed the staff of a make-up lesson to enter the class. AGrader reserves the rights to turn away students if the make-up class that he/she is going to is already full. We strongly encourage students to go for make-up classes so to not miss any content taught in that week. For other class schedules, please visit www.agrader.sg/fees.
2) Credit Note
Credit Notes can offset your missed lesson fees only if the proper documentation/proof is submitted for the following reasons:
- Medical Reasons (Medical Leave from clinic required)
- School Activities (School Letter/Consent Form required)
- Travel (Any form of proof of travel e.g. plane tickets, hotel booking etc.)
Do note that only a maximum of 2 credit notes is allowed per 3 months (Dec/Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr/May, Jun/July/Aug, Sept/Oct). AGrader reserves the rights to not issue any credit notes if no proper documentation/proof is submitted to us.

Can I get a refund for the lesson that I have missed?

Credit Notes can offset your missed lesson fees in the following month's invoice only if the proper documentation/proof is submitted for the following reasons:
- Medical Reasons (Medical Leave from clinic required)
- School Activities (School Letter/Consent Form required)
- Travel (Any form of proof of travel e.g. plane tickets, hotel booking etc.)
Do note that only a maximum of 2 credit notes is allowed per 3 months (Dec/Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr/May, Jun/July/Aug, Sept/Oct).
AGrader reserves the rights to not issue any credit notes if the reason of absence is not any of the three reasons stated above and/or no proper documentation/proof is submitted to us. Attending a make-up lesson within the same academic week (from Monday through Sunday) will be encouraged so to not let your child miss any content taught in that week.

What should I do if my child wants to stop classes?

A student who wishes to terminate his or her tutorial course will have to give the centre one month’s notice by submitting a withdrawal form one month prior to the withdrawal date. Your deposit will be used to offset the forthcoming month’s tuition fees accordingly (provided that there are lessons). Kindly note that Primary & Secondary level lessons will stop in the month of November, and resume in December. Please also note that your deposit can only be used to offset your last 4 lessons' tuition fees & not refunded in any circumstance.

How do I know if my child is suitable for the AGrader Programme?

The AGrader curriculum is specially designed and created for students in to 50+, 60+ and 70+ marks range.
This is because our materials are pegged slightly above the school's standard, and the pace of teaching is slightly faster than average as well. If you're unsure of whether your child is suitable for our lessons, take up our 4-lessons trial package to test it out in a low-risk manner!
For more details, visit www.agrader.sg

What if my child finds the pace of the lesson too slow/easy?

Some AGrader branches do offer the Higher Achievers Mathematics class for the Primary level. The Higher Achievers class goes at a slightly faster pace, with additonal challenging questions to be completed. At this moment, we are only offering Higher Achievers class for Mathematics only at selected branches.
Kindly check if your preferred branch has this class at www.agrader.sg/fees

What will my child go through or receive in an AGrader lesson?

Lesson duration at AGrader is 1.5 hours long.
Following our AGrader Curriculum Structure, a worksheet will be completed during every week's lesson.
AGrader worksheets are specially crafted by a full-time, in-house Curriculum Team that includes Education Experts trained in NIE with a 'Master's in Education (Teaching & Curriculum)'.
Our curriculum is constantly vetted and updated to ensure that the worksheets that our students receive are according to MOE syllabus and always the most up-to-date version. Apart from normal worksheets, depending on levels and subjects, we do have manipulatives, cheat sheets, concept maps to enhance every student's learning and understanding in class.

What equipment is used to deliver the lessons in AGrader?

Less than 5% (yes, really) of tuition centres islandwide have equal or better infrastructure as AGrader. ALL AGrader classrooms are equipped with the latest Smart-Board technology so that our students can engage in interactive and efficient learning!

Why should I enrol my child in AGrader or any tuition services?

Tuition serves as a complementary role to the school system for students.
At AGrader, we teach about 3-4 weeks ahead of the school's syllabus. Research has shown that multiple reviews improve the understanding and memory retention of students. Our students learn content in AGrader first before they learn in it school again - students understand better, remember better and most importantly, apply what they have learnt better in examinations.

Are the teachers at AGrader qualfiied?

Yes of course!
All our experienced teachers are either:
1) NIE-Trained/Ex-School Teachers
2) In-House Subject Specialists 3) Graduate Full-Time Tutors Even better, all our teachers are equipped with an elaborately annotated 'Teachers' Copy' prepared by the Curriculum Team. This ensures quality and accuracy of the lessons that your child receives, minimizing the chances of teachers "teaching wrongly".

Live-Streamed Lessons

How are the Live-Streamed Lessons conducted?

ONE Class, TWO “Channels” to Learn.

🎥 [Classrooms Live-Streaming] At AGrader, we have implemented an innovative procedure to virtually tether (live-stream) our lessons from our physical classrooms right to your home. An infographic is attached below for your easy understanding. Projecting our SMARTBoard screens from our classrooms to your home in real time with the best learning technologies: 💻Our Classrooms are all fitted with SMARTBoards & Projectors
👩‍💻 Zoom and its “Share Screen” function
🎤 Wireless Microphones
📷 HD 1080p enabled web-cameras installed at the back of every classroom

Both platforms (physical and online) will be carried out concurrently, ensuring that students in the physical classroom and those live-streaming the lesson via Zoom are taught exactly the same content, at the same time, by the same teacher.

------------ ❗ If you’d like to opt-in for this 100% Online Lessons, please fill in the form here: https://forms.gle/7kA9BJ3iKFJX81kL8 📄 Hard copies of the worksheets will be provided and will be mailed to you at NO additional cost. 💵 Enjoy 10% OFF your tuition fees when you opt for 100% online lessons!

Worksheets will be mailed in advance so your child will be well equipped to attend the weekly lessons.

What happens if I miss my lesson? Are there make-up lessons or are recordings available?

Make-up Lessons - As like before, you may reach out to our friendly outlet representatives to arrange for a make-up class within the same week provided that:a. there is more than 1 class of the same level and subject within that Centre;b. there is a vacancy in the class that that the student intends to attend as the make-up class

Recordings - All lessons will be recorded (with a 90% uptime disclaimer), and will be available for rewatching at the Centres' premises.

Book an appointment here: www.agrader.sg/appt, come down, sign out a tablet device and watch the recordings unlimited # of times.

I feel that it is still unsafe to resume lessons in-person. What are my options?

At AGrader, we are able to offer you the options of either attending physical lessons at the centre, or live-streaming the actual lessons from your home in real-time, by the same teacher at the exact same time. Class sizes are always capped at a maximum of 12 regardless of whether you're joining as a live-streaming student or physical student. Here's how it works:

How does my teacher mark my worksheet when i'm 100% Live-Streaming the lessons?

You would have to upload your worksheets on the AGrader Online Platform, and your teacher will mark and return it to you via the "Inbox" function on the platform. A video guide on how to upload your worksheets in soft copy is here: An infographic is here: How to Upload Worksheets on AGrader Online Platform

How do I get my Bonus Bucks when i'm attending 100% Live-Streamed Lessons?

For Online Lessons, we will be assigning Points to you instead of Bonus Bucks. 10 points can be exchanged for 1 Bonus Buck at the AGrader Learning Centre you're enrolled in. Points will be allocated to you on every 3rd to 4th week of the academic month, and not after every lesson as we need time administratively to allocate points.

How do i know if my child is suitable for live-stream lessons?

Through our experience conducting lessons throughout the entire Circuit Breaker, we have identified that students wanting to attend online/live-stream lessons generally have to be slightly more mature and disciplined so that they can follow the lessons without physical supervision. If you're unsure of whether your child is suitable for AGrader live-stream lessons, you may take up our 50% off your first 4-lessons trial package to test it out with low risk.

Why is there no further discount for live-stream lessons?

For sustainability reasons, we are not able to afford further discounts on lessons that are live-streamed. Just to share for a clearer picture: live-stream lessons require extra zoom licenses, extra classroom infrastructure, additional teachers' orientation, additional administration to download, archive, upload the content, all on top of a robust learning management system and software to support it all. We are not intending to charge more for our live-stream lessons at the moment. Furthermore, live-stream students receive the exact same benefits as the physical lesson students in terms of teaching delivery of the entire lesson and worksheets received as the lesson is streamed directly via the AGrader Online Platform in real time. Teachers are also able to provide similar support to the live-stream students by marking their weekly worksheets that can be uploaded onto our online portal and giving personal feedback.