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EYE XO2, powered by proven, high performance camera based technology

Experience unmatched realism and performance with the EYE XO2, driven by proven camera-based technology. Enhance your game with advanced software and play all your favorite courses in stunning realism.

Uneekor eyexo launch monitor

24 data points for ball and club included

Every data point that you need at your fingertips, not behind a paywall. Use actionable data to elevate your training. When paired with Performance Optix technology, it’s never been easier to define and expand your skill set anywhere you play.


With three high-speed cameras, the EYE XO2 captures a hitting area 3x larger than the EYE XO’s. Enjoy worry-free ball placement and effortless swings for both left- and right-handed players, even in narrower rooms. Experience the freedom to unleash your best shots with the EYE XO2.

UNeekor eye xo2 indoor golf foresight
uneekor eye xo 2

Club Data

Ball Data

Software Options

Smash Factor

Club Speed

Club Path

Club Face angle

Club face to path

Attack Angle

Club loft angle

Club lie angle

Impact point vertical and horizontal

Ball speed

Ball launch angle vertical

Ball launch angle horizontal

Realtime ball spin back and side

Carry distance and total distance


Land angle

Total flight time

VIEW (Comes Standard)


Optional Upgrades




Creative Golf 3D

E6 Connect

golf simulator data

EYEXO2 launch monitors now include the Performance Optix bundle.

golf simulator

Experience a revolution in golf training with Performance Optix™. The dual system pairs the precise feedback of Swing Optix® cameras with the nuanced ground force analysis of Balance Optix®. Together, they unlock new training possibilities, allowing you to fine-tune your swing with the precision of a pro.

Want the best golf simulator experience for your home?

uneekor eye xo2 launch monitor golf simulator
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