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Real Golf, Real Practice, Real Easy

uneekor eye mini lite australia


Simulation Redefined.

EYE MINI LITE brings you all the outstanding qualities you've come to expect from Uneekor. With EYE MINI LITE setup is as easy as just connecting to a PC, and you're ready to enjoy a comprehensive practice and full golf simulation experience right out of the box.

Effortless Entry into Full Golf Simulation

Play thousands of world-class courses at your leisure with EYE MINI LITE. Whether it's with our advanced Refine+ and GameDay systems or seamlessly integrating classics like GSPRO, endless golfing adventures await you.

Grounded in Design, Sky-High in Features.
Master Your Passion, 

Master Your Numbers

EYE MINI LITE is precise, and packed with technology. Capture detailed club impact anywhere with Club Optix, analyze in-depth data with Uneekor View, and refine your swing with ease. EYE MINI LITE is compatible with the entire Uneekor ecosystem of accessories, including Swing Optix Cameras, Balance Optix Mat.


Refine your game with precision with EYE MINI LITE. Turn every swing into actionable data, pinpointing the nuances of your technique with the accuracy you’ve come to expect from Uneekor.


Unlock the potential of every drive, chip, and putt as you track and analyze your progress.

Proven Innovation: 
Over 15 Years of Refined Golf Technology

With nearly 20 years of innovation, Uneekor stands unrivaled in overhead golf simulation technology. Choose EYE MINI LITE and join the legacy of golfers who demand nothing short of excellence.

Ball Data

Ball Speed

Pace at which the ball is traveling when it leaves the club face after impact.

Back/Side Spin

Rotations of the ball either left, right, or backwards.

Side Angle

Degree angle, left or right, of the ball when leaving the club face left or right.

Side Distance

Distance of ball, left or right relative to starting point of shot.

Launch Angle

Vertical angle of ball after leaving club face.

Carry Distance

Total distance ball traveled in the air.

Club Data

Club Speed

The speed of the club at impact.

Attack Angle

The up and down movement of the club head at the time of impact measured relative to the horizon.

Smash Factor

The amount of energy transferred from the club head to the golf ball.

Club Path

The in to out, or out to in movement of the club head’s geometric center at the center at the time of impact. Club Path is the direction (right or left) the club head is moving at impact and is measured relative to the target line.


EYE MINI LITE by Uneekor brings you all the outstanding qualities you've come to expect, blending state-of-the-art technology with unmatched simplicity. With EYE MINI LITE, setup is as easy as connecting to a PC, and you're ready to enjoy a comprehensive practice and full golf simulation experience right out of the box.


Inclusions / notes


  • View driving range included as standard

  • Refine and Refine+ available for purchase

  • 3rd party software integration only available with purchase of Refine, or purchase of annual subscription package

The EYE MINI LITE is region locked, meaning the unit can only be used within the region it was purchased and registered within. The device can be unlocked for a fee.

See what customers are saying about the EYE MINI LITE

Ollie Jensen

"I went EYE MINI LITE as I like the whole swing camera system and the AI trainer that's coming up. It made such a difference seeing how I was hitting it and why my bad shots were so bad, seeing the actual swing path within a hour I was understanding how to shape shots. The r10 was OK for the price but it's a toy in comparison.

Jonathan Watts

“So far very impressed with the EYE MINI LITE. Numbers are right in line with the exception of the launch angle which I will get hate for this but I’ve always thought my GC3 was high and vs what I’m getting on uneekor I believe more. Everything else is within my acceptable margin for error."

Brian Thorne

“Now that I have had a couple weeks to play with the Uneekor EYE MINI LITE, I have to say best money spent for the lower end of the market. I've owned the Skytrak and EYE MINI LITE blows it out of the water all of the short shots that couldn't be done with Skytrack are no problem for EYE MINI LITE. Data seems to be more accurate as well. Super happy."

Want the best golf simulator experience for your home?

uneekor eye mini lite home golf simulator
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