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Swing Optix®

See the Unseen with High-Speed Precision

Unleash your swing's true potential with Swing Optix® – where every frame brings you closer to perfection. Elevate your game today!

golf simulator camera

The swing optix cameras connect directly with all Uneekor launch monitors and integrate directly with the VIEW and Refine software. The cameras operate over USB3.0 at 180fps. Max OEM cable length is 7meters. 

The cameras are crucial for coaching facilities to provide swing analysis feedback. They are also incredibly valuable to home users looking to improve their game.

Every Angle Covered

With Swing Optix®, experience a comprehensive view of your golf swing. Our dual high-speed cameras work in harmony to give you a complete, actionable perspective – from the crucial initial stance to the final follow-through. Perfect your form, refine your technique, and watch as your game transforms.

Balance Optix®

Discover precision with every step using Balance Optix®. Harness over 1100 sensors for real-time weight shift analysis, refining your swing for peak performance. Step up to expert balance and drive your golfing potential. 

golf simulator balance mat

Uneekor's first biomechanical golf training system highlights how your weight transfers throughout your swing.


With unmatched precision and accuracy, Uneekor's Balance Mat provides real-time data to better understand your swing

Balance in Motion

The Balance Optix® brings a dynamic layer to swing analysis, offering a vivid foot heat map and precise weight distribution bars. With every swing, witness the subtle shifts that make a major impact on your game.

Foot Heat Map

Visualize weight transfer as the heat map dynamically adjusts in size and colors shift in real-time, seamlessly transitioning from left foot to right foot and heel to toe.

golf simulator

Weight Distribution Bars

Visualization of weight distribution, transitioning from address to finish, presented as a dynamic percentage display for left-right balance.

Centre of Pressure Tracer

Located between the feet on the heat map, the tracer showcases the trajectory of your Center of Pressure (CoP) during your swing. CoP illustrates the average point where force is exerted on the ground.

Want the best golf simulator experience for your home?

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