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Real Golf, Real Simulation, Real Solid


Precision meets affordability in golf simulation.
With its advanced overhead design, dual cameras, and marked ball technology, the QED delivers fast, accurate metrics for every swing.
Experience high-performance play at an unmatched value.

Unlimited Tee Times, Endless Courses on Your Schedule

Play thousands of world-class courses at your leisure with QED.
Whether it's with our advanced Refine+ and GameDay systems or seamlessly integrating classics like GSPro, endless golfing adventures await you.

With 50k devices distributed worldwide, players across the globe are enhancing their games with access to the widest possible selection of software, courses and game modes.

Unmatched Quality, Unmatched Value

QED redefines what's possible in its class, delivering a level of quality and performance that stands alone. Experience a top-tier features that elevate your game, all offered at a value that acknowledges your pursuit of excellence.


QED Uneekor

The QED golf simulator is an advanced overhead photometric system. It measures all ball and club data to an unrivaled accuracy.


The specially marked golf balls allow the system to directly measure actual spin. The HD overhead video provides invaluable feedback and in addition the direct connection of swing analysis is perfect for game improvement.


Master Your Passion, Master Your Numbers

Refine your game with precision with QED. Turn every swing into actionable data, pinpointing the nuances of your technique with the accuracy you’ve come to expect from Uneekor. Unlock the potential of every drive, chip, and putt as you track and analyze your progress.

Want the best golf simulator experience for your home?

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