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Real Golf, Real Practice, Real Portable

Real Golf, ready to play right out of the box

With the ability to use at home or on the driving range, the EYE MINI is powerful, reliable, and sleek. Push the boundaries of your game with the EYE MINI.

Real Practice where ever you are

Upgrade your practice sessions and train like the pros. Whether you're at home, on the range, or on the course, EYE MINI provides the real-time data with Club Optix, Dimple Optix, and 18 data points wherever and however you practice.

Real Portable for any practice session

No matter if you’re at home, on the range, or on the course EYE MINI is ready with a rechargeable battery and easy to read E-ink display.

Small package, full simulation

18 data points for ball and club included

Every data point that you need at your fingertips. Use actionable data to elevate your training.


When paired with Performance Optix technology, it’s never been easier to define and expand your skill set anywhere you play.

* VIEW Software required to see these data points.

See what customers are saying about the EYE MINI

David Harmon

"Switched from Mevo plus to EYE MINI. EM is so much better. I had lack of space and long clubs didn’t read well with Mevo. Short chips were awful with Mevo. I now enjoy sim golf with the EYE MINI."

Abhishek Desai

“I second the EYE MINI. I have it and it’s leagues better than Skytrak. Impact video is a gamechanger and so is the OFFICIAL third party support"

Chad Myers

“Just bought the EYE MINI. It is awesome. I used it in my simulator and range. Zero issues. I love the ink print screen. It's like a Kindle reader. Easy to read , no glare in the Sun"

Want the best golf simulator experience for your home?

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