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Introducing the first portable launch monitor from Uneekor, the Uneekor EYE MINI! Uneekor devices are traditionally mounted on the ceiling, this is the first portable launch monitor from Uneekor that will rest on the golf mat/grass facing the golfer allowing you to use this device both indoors and outdoors at the course or driving range!


The Uneekor EYE MINI utilizes Ball Optix technology in a whole new way to provide accurate and reliable club data after each shot! Using high speed cameras and infrared sensors like the overhead models, the EYE MINI provides extremely accurate ball and club data after each shot along with video feedback of the impact between your club and golf ball!


The EYE MINI comes included with Uneekor View Software that can be used on a PC or an iOS device allowing you to use this powerful software anywhere!


To allow 3rd Party software support with GSPro, TGC2019 or Creative Golf you can purchase Refine or Refine+ software outright. 3rd Party software needs to be purchased seperately.


* 3 months Pro Package trial included with purchase which will give the option of 3rd party software. When this expires you will be given the option to select the Pro or Champions Package or purchase Refine or Refine+.

* This device is region locked. For sale and use in Australia & New Zealand ONLY.

With the ability to use indoor and outdoor, the EYE MINI is powerful, reliable, and sleek; push the boundaries of your game with the EYE MINI...


Current product lead times are approx 2 weeks.

Uneekor EYE Mini

GST Included
  • Shot Data - What's Measured


    • Ball Speed
    • Carry Distance
    • Launch Angle
    • Back Spin
    • Clubhead Speed
    • Attack Angle
    • Smash Factor
    • Club Path
    • Side Distance
    • Side Spin
    • Side Angle
  • 1 Year Warranty


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