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It is one thing seeing a picture of an often photoshopped golf simulator impact screen image on a website, it is another thing buying it from the most experienced and specialised golf simulator company in Australia. We have 15 years experience of designing the most demanding and performance driven golf simulators, used for coaching, club fitting and as home cinemas. Don’t just take our words for it, see many examples that prove the reality in our gallery or on our YouTube channel.


Every screen we make is a custom one of a kind project, manufactured to the highest standards possible, to achieve all of the below at the same time, which is very hard to do and has taken many years to perfect:

  • An impact screen that holds the most beautiful image – our screens let as little light through and are as flat as possible. They look like a home cinema screen.
  • Is quiet on impact
  • Is the most durable and hard wearing
  • Does not bounce back – this is achieved by having even tension lines and using our unique baffle system around the screen


We are entirely confident you will not get a better performing impact screen.


Available variants include binding and eyelets around the perimeter or velcro or options of both. The final design can be confirmed via email. When selecting a size please round up to your closest size, for example if the width is 4.26m then please choose 4.5m. The largest height of the screen is 2.95m. The actual height you require will be finalised by email and does not affect the price.


Black skirting baffles for protection are also available and can be selected via the drop down boxes.  These black trims attach to our screens with velcro and then attach to another part of the walls or ceiling/ground with velcro also. They are fabric only and do not include foam sandwhiched inside. They protect balls going past the screen and also hide zip ties or bungee cords. They are very durable and a must for anyone looking to finish their screen off properly. These will be made to suit the screen size you order. Baffles are a must for a professional home golf simulator setup.

Golf Simulator Impact Screen (Premium 3D mesh material)

GST Included
  • As this is a premium made to order product, it generally takes about 3 to 5 weeks for delivery of our custom screens. If you need something more urgent please call us directly to arrange an alternative option. 


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