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Golf Simulator & Bar Design Inspiration: Ideas for Every Space

Updated: May 8

GolfSim Australia has a long history of quality, bespoke designed solutions that have provided thousands of clients unlimited golfing joy over almost the past 15 years we've been operating. So we thought it was time to share some of our favourite installations.

We all know that golf is best played with friends, so adding a bar to your golf simulator room is a worthy addition. Here, we’ve put together a list and examples of some of our best rooms that feature a bar, to keep your guests refreshed and hydrated throughout their round.

Golf simulators at home are become more popular, and home bars have long been a staple for luxury in-home entertainment. But...what if we told you that you could have both!

Can a home golf simulator also be a great bar space? Absolutely it can!

A home golf simulator room can absolutely serve as a multi functional entertainment space.

However, typical home bar spaces are not usually designed for golf simulation, hence the need to design these sorts of spaces when you are designing your new home build, or speak to our expert designers to see how we can retro-fit a golf simulator into your bar and entertainment space. If you can swing a club in it - we can design and install the perfect home golf simulator for you.

Something else to think about, home golf simulators use nearly all the same components as a home theatre, allowing you to easily flip from golf simulation to watching movies with the click of a remote. So if you think golf simulators are only for golfers, then think again!

golf simulator with bar

This premium space was custom designed as part of a new home build where the client wanted a seamless transition from their bar through to their golf simulator space, a place to sip on their favourite whisky while playing some of Scotland's most famous links courses.

golf simulator with bar for sale

Speaking of famous golf courses, this client wanted to re-create the feeling of being at the Masters every time they entered their home golf simulator and bar space.

golf simulator with bar melbourne

Mixing your choices of finishes allows your home golf simulator and entertainment space be an absolute unique and personal space for you and your closest friends.

home golf simulator with bar for sale

This large tropical oasis provided the perfect spot for a golf simulator and bar. Plenty of this clients friends and family have enjoyed a round here.

home golf simulator for sale

What about this for a man cave? Golf simulator, bar, poker, what more could you want?

home golf simulator with bar

Talk about customisation - our designers can fit a golf simulator in pretty much anywhere you can swing a club.

home golf simulator with bar

This split level design has to be one of our favourite golf simulator and bar installations.

Golf simulator for home

We've worked closely with many different architects to provide the best home golf simulator experience in new home builds.

Golf simulator for home

Finding the right space can be hard, but our experience over the years has allowed us to be quite creative. We love working with you and your architect to ensure a quality finish and great golf simulator experience.

Home golf simulator

The customisation we can provide on our golf simulators is endless. And we ensure that each component of your home golf simulator is the highest quality it can be.

Golf simulator for home

We are experienced golfers, experts in golf simulation technology and professional engineers, fabricators and carpenters, who all take pride in make your golf simulator installation entirely successful.

One of our favourite parts of what we do is seeing the joy on our clients faces when they start using their golf simulators. Thanks to this recent client for providing us with this video of them enjoying their new space!

Contact us today to see how we can provide you with the most amazing home golf simulator space you can imagine.



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