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Zen’s moving floors for golf are #1 most-viewed on global social media

Zen Golf, which makes moving floors for indoor golf, has become the world’s most-viewed indoor golf technology on social media.

In October and November the British firm totalled over 10 million views on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook with a series of spectacular videos showcasing Zen Green Stage and the new Zen Swing Stage.

This is more than twice the combined totals of golf’s other biggest indoor golf brands – including all of the best-known launch monitor, golf sim, putting analysis tech and force plate suppliers.

In the period Zen’s social media content reached over 4 million accounts, with almost 100,000 people engaging directly with the brand.

Zen’s precisely-adjustable playing surfaces provide virtually limitless gradients, from subtle to extreme slopes which can be combined to produce compound breaks and double-breaks.

On them, golfers can recreate sloping putts and fairway lies accurately, enabling far greater realism when hitting into a screen or out onto the range.

Zen founder Nick Middleton said: “The numbers don’t lie – the fascination with Zen moving floors reaches well beyond the golf market. The visuals are spectacular and people are sharing them with their friends. Large Glass delivered on our brief brilliantly.”

Zen is a PGA Partner in Great Britain & Ireland. GolfSim Australia is the exclusive distributor of Zen Golf in Australia/NZ.  Contact us to find out how we can design and install the most realistic golf simulator you can experience today.



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