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How big does my golf simulator space need to be?

Certainly the most common question we come across. And for us, the answer is pretty simple, whatever space you (or your dearest of friends) can swing a driver in. A lot of the answer will come down to how you want the space to feel and who you want to accommodate. If you want to prepare your golf simulator space for anyone who could swing a club in the space, without compromise, we would say safely 5m wide x 5m deep x 3m high. But this is very safe. As long as you can swing a golf club in the space, the technology will work perfectly and you will have a perfectly functioning golf simulator in your home.

Some food for thought.


Let’s talk about width. If it is right hand only, or a dual sensor set up for right and left handers in a narrow space, you can work off as little as 3m wide and be comfortable. From the hundreds of golfers we have tested over the last decade, we find that most have a backswing and follow through less than 1.9 metres in width from the ball. Yes, this means you can arguably fit a right and left hander in 3.8 metres (and we have). You just need to decide how much space you want for comfort and of course practice swings. Once you bring in practice swings on either side, you will add another 400mm quite quickly. So width wise, generally speaking, we recommend upwards of 4.5m for residential and upward of 4.8m for commercial golf simulator spaces.


Depth / Hitting Direction

We say 5m deep, because this is a comfortable distance to the absolute back of the driver on backswing, with the golfer at the optimum distance from the screen. You move the golfer closer to the screen, you can get shadow of the golfer from the projector on the screen. You move the golfer further back, you hit wedges into the ceiling, not a problem necessarily, just not ideal. We have installed in less than 4.3 metres in depth if this is helpful at all. The point needs to be made, that anything beyond the backswing is comfort and design space – couches, bar stools, tables etc.


Ceiling Height

The great reality check. Most people get very excited about their golf simulator until they realise they forgot to check the ceiling height. Most ceiling heights tend to be between 2.65 – 2.7m, standard ceiling height, some are lower (like basements). This certainly can work for many people, but certainly not for all. We have installed full simulators for many people where their entire families are comfortable swinging driver in 2.6m. They don’t care their friends can’t swing driver, the golf simulator works for their family, and that is most important, we applaud them. We recommend between 2.9-3.1 metre ceiling heights. Any lower and we will bring the ceiling down near the screen.

There are lots of considerations in determining your ideal golf simulator design and space. The great thing is with our experience, technology and designs, we can help you determine the best design and functionality for you to enjoy ongoing.



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