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How to convince your wife/partner to get a golf simulator

While we’re not in the business of offering relationship advice or marriage counselling, we do have years of experience helping our customers talk about the merits of a home golf simulator to a hesitant partner.

Now, we know many of you do not golf at a professional level, and getting a golf simulator in your house likely will not change that. We’d suggest not trying to convince your partner that a golf simulator will help you join the PGA or LIV and make millions of dollars.

home golf simulator
We're not saying you can't turn pro, it's just probably not the best argument for getting a golf simulator

Unfortunately that’s just not how golf works.

Now that we've shattered your hopes and dreams, here’s how you convince your wife or partner that a golf simulator would be a great investment for your relationship. We’ll help you make what you thought was impossible, possible.


It's a multi-function entertainment space for the whole family

One of the best ways to convince your partner that a golf simulator is a great investment (for more than just your golf game) is that it can be multi purpose. With just a bit of creative thinking, your golf simulator space can double as a home theater, a game room, and a family entertainment space.

Tell your partner that playing games together is a great way to achieve the quality bonding time they are always begging for. Even if your partner is not a golfer, they can still have a blast playing mini-golf, darts or plenty of other games available on the simulator.

Are the kids stuck inside and crawling the walls? We get it. Set them up with a game on your golf simulator and keep them entertained for hours. Your partner might actually thank you for the golf simulator idea.

Does your spouse enjoy having friends over for a movie night or hosting the neighbours for the big game? A home golf simulator has a party-size screen to entertain a crowd for hours.

hoem golf simulator multifunction room
A multi function entertainment space that the whole family can enjoy


Yup, you read that right. You can save a whole lot of time, and after a while, save a whole lot of money. What partner would say no to having you around more often, while also having more money in the long run?

A golf simulator can be a large up-front investment (although it doesn’t have to be). Some pieces might need to be replaced down the line, but if you spend more right away, you won’t need to spend much in the future. An example might be getting a high-quality hitting mat that will last you much longer than an inexpensive one.

If you do it well the first time, you won’t need to upgrade it for a while, or at all. However, you will still have the option to upgrade if you want. Plus, you will save money by not having to pay for greens fees, range balls, memberships, coaching fees, and so on.

No matter how far away your favourite course is, all travel time and petrol expenses are magically gone when you get a golf simulator in your home. Without having to travel to golf, you can help with more things around your home. Clean house, happy spouse.

And, since you’re golfing at home, it will be easier for your partner to pull you away to feed the baby, fix the wall, hang that photo or clean the kitchen. We know some of you use golf as a way to escape home life for a few hours, but remember, we are trying to help you convince your partner that a home golf simulator is a good idea.

For those of you who are known to make a four-hour round at the course into a six-hour absence with an extended stay at the 19th hole, your partner won’t have to worry about your whereabouts and how you’re getting home ... when you’re already at home.

home golf simulator
We can design and install the best home golf simulators for the whole family to enjoy


There are plenty of ways to convince your partner that a golf simulator is a great investment for your home. However, this is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each person will have to evaluate their situation and what their partner will respond best to.

Disclaimer: we take no responsibility for the disagreement that might ensue after you choose the wrong way to convince your partner. Choose wisely.



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