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What's it like playing golf on a premium golf simulator?

Updated: May 20

For anyone new to golf simulators, we simply can't encourage you enough to just get into one, and experience it for yourself. That said, there is a large difference between an entry level DIY setup and a fully customised premium solution. We're here to unpack what it's really like to play on a premium golf simulator.

golf simulator

Think of a golf simulator as your opportunity to play the world's best golf courses, improve your game and provide an amazing entertainment space for your family and friends from the comfort of your own home.

But firstly, just how does a Golf Simulator Work?

A golf simulator experience is governed through a combination of hardware and software to replicate the experience of playing golf in the "real world". The hardware will include at a minimum, a projector, a computer, a launch monitor that tracks the motion of, and the interaction between the golf club and the golf ball, and then the built environment that brings all of it together. The software then uses the data captured to create a realistic simulation of exactly what your ball will do on the golf course, virtually. Some systems may also include additional equipment such as visual aids, auto-tee systems, multi touch screens, etc. The simulator can be set up in any space where the golfer feels comfortable swinging a club - our design experts can assist in finding the perfect setup for you. The simulator can also include a range of features such as multiple virtual golf courses, the ability to customize and adjust any setting on the course (from weather conditions to how the greens are stimping and more). Some simulators may also include a feature that gives feedback on swing and provide tips for improvement.

Can a golf simulator really simulate golf course conditions?

Absolutely! All the data required to simulate real golf course conditions, and how your ball will respond is captured at the moment of impact, then fed through gaming software to visually display that. At GolfSim Australia we offer the widest choice in you golfing experience and can offer you experiences on hundreds of thousands of courses virtually. The best software will let you mimic different course conditions and factors, including wind speed, direction, how your ball is playing out of trouble, your lie, and even how the ball acts at altitude. Some courses being designed will also replicate the feeling and sound of the gallery as if you are teeing off on the 16th at the PGAs Waste Management Open.

We've rounded up some of the best courses you can get started playing today here on GSPro, one particularly good choice that we recommend in courseplay software.

golf simulator

Can I use a golf simulator for practice and training to improve my game?

Most definitely, technology has become a key pillar in game improvement. These incredible pieces of technology go beyond mere swing analysis, capturing critical data points that shape the trajectory of a golf ball. By taking a look into the data that launch monitors can capture, we can begin to unravel the mystery behind how ball flight is shaped, and the elements that make up every golfer’s game. From spin rates and launch angles to club path and attack angles, understanding these data points paves the way for optimising performance, refining technique, and ultimately achieving a more consistent golfing experience.

The beauty the technology that we recommend is that it provides instantaneous response and feedback about your game, so you can implement improvements and enhancements right there and then. A good launch monitor will track your club and ball using multiple pieces of technology, including infrared cameras and high-speed optical cameras working at over 3,000 frames per second.

So what really sets a premium golf simulator apart from a DIY setup?

Superb quality visuals:

  • Premium: A vivid, high-resolution image on a large and flat impact screen will provide a realistic golfing environment making you feel like you're actually standing on the course looking at your hitting zone. A lot of our clients use our impact screens to double as a home theatre.

  • DIY: Image quality might be lower, and the screen may not be perfectly flat, or the projector used may not fill the entire screen. This can be distracting and take away from the immersive experience. Projectors can be sensitive to light, requiring a dedicated space and setup for optimal performance.

Instant response:

  • Premium: With no lag between your swing and the ball flight simulation, the experience feels more responsive and natural. This allows you to have the feel of playing or practicing golf exactly as you would on the course.

  • DIY: Lag in the system can make the experience feel sluggish and unresponsive. This can be frustrating and hinder your ability to practice effectively.

Accurate and reliable data:

  • Premium: Advanced launch monitors accurately measure club and ball data, providing detailed feedback on your swing mechanics. This allows you to accurately track your progress and make adjustments to improve your game in a meaningful way, and a way you can rely on, on the course.

  • DIY: Some DIY setups might rely on less accurate launch monitors or lack them altogether. This can limit the feedback you receive on your swing, making it harder to identify and correct flaws. If the data is inaccurate, it will do more harm to your game when out on the course.

Everything workings together for you:

  • Premium: The impact screen will absorb the impact of the ball without distorting the image, ensuring a smooth ball flight simulation, and will capture the ball, without it bouncing back at you as a safety measure. A ramp returns your balls to your feet for ease of use. The materials used in the screen, and to surround it are all acoustically treated to minimise the sound of the impact of your driver on the ball, this creates a more comfortable environment. The sound system is also perfectly tuned and balanced, keeping your golfing experience comfortable, especially for long practice sessions.

  • DIY: A DIY screen might not be as strong or well-tensioned, leading to image distortion on impact. Additionally, some DIY setups might require you to retrieve balls after each shot, disrupting the flow of your game. These setups often also lack soundproofing, and the sound system itself comes as an afterthought, making them potentially disruptive for others in your household.

While a DIY setup can be a cost-effective option, premium golf simulators offer a significantly more immersive, accurate, and comfortable experience. This is a crucial consideration for golfers that want to improve their game, and to provide the most realistic golfing experience possible at home to share with their family and friends.

Our final word

Golf simulators allow you to play an incredible amount of golf, so much more than if you only have the opportunity to get to the course or a range once a week. But there is a vast difference between entry level technology and a premium experience.

The amount of time it takes to play on golf simulators is a huge benefit. No waiting on the group in front of you, no walking between holes, no tee times, and no looking for your ball. If playing by yourself, you can easily play 18 holes in under an hour. And you have no commitment to play a full 18 holes. Golf simulators allow you to play as many or as little holes as you want - or many other forms of golfing games and game improvement modes.

golf simulator

With a golf simulator, you can play anytime no matter the weather. Great for keeping your game sharp in the offseason or just playing on a rainy day. You get to play simulated golf at some of the best golf courses all over the world, from the comfort of your own home. You can also play these amazing courses against your friends or in competitive leagues. 

Everyone at GolfSim Australia loves what they do, and are experts in it, and we all love the game of golf. We can work with you to fully design and spec up the golf simulator experience of your dreams. We project manage the installation end to end to give you confidence and will get you set up so you will be enjoying the game of golf for many, many years to come.



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