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Simulation Redefined with the EYE MINI LITE

Tired of not being able to putt and chip on your golf simulator? Now you can.

With the 2024 PGA in Florida wrapping up a few weeks ago, our team was present to test out Uneekor’s latest ground breaking innovation in golf simulator technology with the release of the EYEMINI Lite.

uneekor eye mini lite

Uneekor are already an industry leader with the success of the ceiling mounted EYEXO and QED launch monitors, and now with the announcement of the EYEMINI Lite they have development the most advanced floor based launch monitor that is perfect for DIY home golf simulators with it’s low price point.

The EYEMINI Lite pairs a compact, sleek design with advanced technology and software to bring the complete experience across all aspects of the golf game from tee to green.

EYE MINI Lite brings all the renowned speed, accuracy, and ball/club impact imagery that has quickly made EYE MINI so popular.

  • Quick and easy to connect to your gaming PC

  • 18 Points of Ball and Club Data

  • Fully Compatible with the entire Uneekor ecosystem of products and software options

  • Best in Class for features and accessibility

Golfsim Australia are the exclusive distributors of Uneekor technology across Australia & New Zealand, and have just launch pre-orders for the EYEMINI Lite on our website along with the best value DIY Golf Simulator package (Under $12k) on the market.

Pre-order your EYE MINI Lite, or bundle package today.



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