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Standard Screen Hanging Video


Below video shows general process for hanging and impact screen in a custom built bay (Baffles for top and bottom are already in place, these are attached with velcro to 20mm timbers or via another technique

Retractable Golf screen

The retractable golf screen is hung off two brackets from the ceiling. The up/down motion is done with the remote control, generally we don't put the limits on the remote because its better to do it manually. We do not put a weighted rod in the bottom of the screen because it causes a weak point in the stitching and will rip prematurely with hard low shots, also it is a ricochet hazard. When fully down it is required to tie off in the corners to get a nice flat screen, these ties do not need to be super tight. Lastly if you want to prevent balls scurrying underneath we have the black trim baffle technique as shown in the video.

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