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Projector Manuals

Filling the Screen

Getting the projector to fill the screen requires the below steps. Contact Golfsim Australia to guide you through this process if required. 

  1. Confirm the projector can actually fill the screen size you want by using the below website to calculate the throw distance required.  Below is a screenshot of what this looks like.

  2. You need to hang the projector in a position that will fill the screen as desired but also not so far back that the golfer will cast a shadow. As a general rule of thumb don't put the projector more than 2meters behind the golfer.

  3. Once the projector is hung and the correct resolutions chosen in Windows then use the zoom/focus dial on the projector to get the image to fill the screen and focused. Depending on the exact setup it may be required to use the corner correction feature on the projector to get the corners to fit snugly to the impact screen.

Example using a Panasonic VMZ51 Projector

Throw Distance.png
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