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Is the Uneekor EYE XO the best launch monitor for game improvement?

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Uneekor EYE XO indoor golf simulator launch monitor

Uneekor is a launch monitor and golf simulation technology company that came onto the scene in 2019. Since then they have quickly established themselves as one of the best up-and-coming launch monitor brands in the industry. This is why at GolfSim Australia, we now only, and exclusively distribute and install Uneekor solutions into premium retail and commercial settings.

The EYE XO uses ultra-high-speed cameras to capture and analyse your shot data. It’s capable of capturing over 3000 frames per second, to provide superb accuracy and instant shot display. This technology gives you the opportunity to view a super slow-mo video of your ball spin, club path, and even your swing with Uneekor’s SwingOptix cameras.

The accuracy of the Uneekor EYE XO in a golf simulator setting is superb. From driver to wedge, the EYE XO outperforms TrackMan and FlightScope X3 in regards to accuracy. And not just with distance numbers. We find that Uneekor is accurate across the board - from spin, launch angles, swing speed, and more. But it’s the short game that is the true differentiator. The EYE XO’s overhead, ultra accurate infra red cameras provide instant data feedback. Other brands (especially those like TrackMan that use radar technology) require more distance to accurately track shots, so getting accurate tracking of your short game becomes problematic.

The speed at which the EYE XO launch monitor picks up the shot is truly amazing. In just about as much time as it takes for you to lift your head up towards the target after impact, these devices will have your data and your shot tracer displayed.

Uneekor EYE XO indoor golf simulator launch monitor

This really adds to the realism of your experience. Even though you're hitting balls indoors into a screen, it really feels like you're hitting out onto a driving range. The timing of when you hit the ball to the speed at which the shot tracer is displayed feels very real.

With cheaper launch monitors, it can sometimes take 1-3 seconds between impact to when your shot is displayed.

Another thing we love about these launch monitors is that they don't miss many shots. From flop shots, to shanks, to long bomb drives, these devices are able to pick up all of your shots. Which is something that many launch monitors tend to misread.

The Uneekor EYE XO will provide all the great ball and club data you need, and more:

  • Smash Factor

  • Club Speed

  • Club Path

  • Club Face angle

  • Club face to path

  • Attack Angle

  • Club loft angle

  • Club lie angle

  • Impact point vertical and horizontal

  • Ball speed

  • Ball launch angle vertical

  • Ball launch angle horizontal

  • Realtime ball spin back and side

  • Carry distance and total distance

  • Apex

  • Land angle

  • Total flight time

The hitting zone is also very user friendly. This is the area where a ball can be on your hitting mat, where the launch monitor will be able to read the shot. Uneekor provides a very generous hitting zone on the EYE XO compared to other models so gameplay play becomes very easy shot to shot.

When a ball is inside the hitting zone, the device will light up red and also provide a subtle ding sound to let you know it's ready to go. When your ball is outside of the hitting zone, the launch monitors will not light up, letting you know you need to move your ball to a better location.

The Uneekor EYE XO is an impressive piece of golf simulator technology, suitable for golfers that are serious about game improvement, and getting the best simulator experience possible. GolfSim Australia is here to help you achieve this at every step.

Uneekor EYE XO indoor golf simulator launch monitor

Using a Golf Simulator to Elevate Your Game

With the convenience of accessing a golf simulator, improving your golf game has never been easier. GolfSim Australia has helped thousands of golfers elevate their game through the innovative technology of their golf simulator instals.

Here are some expert tips for maximising your golf simulator experience:

Consistent Practice: The Path to Improvement

Just like any skill, consistency is key to improving your golf game. Whether you're practising on the simulator or at the course, make a commitment to regular practice, even if it's just for a few minutes each day. Uneekor's user-friendly interface and realistic courses make it easy to incorporate practice sessions into your routine.

Harnessing the Power of Data

Golf simulators provide a wealth of data on your swing, ball flight, and other metrics. Uneekor’s advanced tracking technology goes above and beyond, offering real-time feedback and detailed performance analysis. Utilise this data to identify areas for improvement and focus your practice accordingly.

Experimentation: The Catalyst for Growth

Golf simulators offer a unique opportunity to experiment with different clubs and shots without the constraints of a real golf course. Take advantage of this freedom to explore various club combinations and develop your shot-making skills under controlled conditions.

Virtual Courses: Your Gateway to Diverse Experiences

Most golf simulators, including those installed by GolfSim, come with a vast library of virtual courses. Immerse yourself in diverse golfing experiences by playing virtual rounds on iconic courses from around the world. This virtual exploration will refine your course management skills and help you develop strategies for different types of terrain.

Professional Guidance for Enhanced Progress

Consider seeking guidance from a qualified golf instructor who can provide specialised feedback on your swing and offer tailored improvement plans. GolfSim's network of expert instructors can provide virtual lessons, allowing you to receive personalised instruction while enjoying the convenience of your home simulator.

A Personal Transformation: From Average to Scratch

One of GolfSim's satisfied customers shares their remarkable transformation: "When I first purchased my golf simulator, I was a social golfer and loved getting out there. Three years later, I became the club champ, love the game more than ever. It's been exhilarating to play some of the best golf of my life, even with a busy schedule balancing work and family responsibilities!"

A Commitment to Golfing Excellence

Golf simulators, particularly those installed by GolfSim Australia, offer a powerful tool for golfers of all levels. With regular practice, data-driven insights, and a willingness to experiment, golfers can achieve significant improvements in their game. We are committed to helping golfers reach their full potential by providing cutting-edge simulators, expert guidance, and a passion for the game.



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