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Is using GSPro like playing a real golf course?

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

GSPro is a leading golf simulator software that offers a realistic and immersive golf experience. Here at GolfSim Australia, it is our recommended platform for the best courseplay experience possible. It is powered by the Unity gaming engine and features stunning 4K graphics, realistic ball physics, and a wide variety of courses to play. GSPro is also compatible with a variety of launch monitors, including the Uneekor EYE XO, which can provide you with detailed data on your swing and ball flight.

GSPro software startup screen

GSPro golf simulator software offers a wide range of features that make it a great choice for golfers of all levels. Some of the key features include:

  • Realistic ball physics: GSPro uses a sophisticated ball physics engine to simulate the real-world behavior of a golf ball as you move around the golf course. This means that your shots will react realistically to the lie of the ball, the wind, and other factors. It is highly position dependent.

  • Stunning 4K graphics: GSPro features stunning 4K graphics that bring the courses to life. You will feel like you are right there on the golf course, even when you are playing from the comfort of your own home.

  • A wide variety of courses: GSPro comes with a library of thousands of golf courses, including both real and fictional courses. You can also get creative and design your own custom courses.

  • Local and online multiplayer: GSPro allows you to play with friends and family online or in person. You can also compete in online tournaments.

  • Detailed stats and analysis: GSPro tracks your stats and provides you with detailed analysis of your performance. This can help you identify areas where you need to improve.

GSPro golf simulator software is a great investment for any golfer who wants to improve their game and have fun at the same time. It is realistic, immersive, and feature-rich. GSPro is also compatible with the Uneekor EYE XO launch monitor, which can provide you with even more detailed data on your swing and ball flight.

Flyover of a GSPro course. Golf Simulator software.

Fire away with your full club swing. The ball flies nicely, and the camera follows in a trajectory that matches your shot. We’ve tested this over and over again at GolfSim Australia, and always find this very pleasing to the eye.

From the players perspective you see the initial ball flight from where you’ve hit it. As the ball progresses farther away the camera ‘zooms’ towards the ball and angles to show you the landing zone and watch the ball land where you can see it.

Dynamic rough penalties – The amount of penalty (distance loss) a shot receives depends on a few factors that change based on how you hit it. The higher your shot the less penalty you will incur from being in rough. Just like real life, if you hit it high it will usually fly. If you hit it low the rough eats it up and kills distance.

Whispering Pines golf course on GSPro at GolfSim Braeside golf simulator game improvement centre

Lie adjustments – at the bottom of the screen there is an up/down number and a left/right number. These show you a numerical representation of your lie. If you are way 10 degrees L that means a shot that you hit straight yourself is going to fly off at roughly 10 degrees to the left on the game. So if you have a strong right or left lie, adjust for that to hit the target you want.

Up/ Down lie is super important. Especially a strong downward lie. This means you really have to hit the ball up to get it to fly a distance you want. Think about hitting a downhill lie in real life. It’s a tough shot. Upwards lie means the ball is going to fly that bit higher than what you actually hit. In general a few degrees up is great for me and makes it easier to hit out of the rough.

Mulligans – when you set up your round you can turn mulligans on or off. CTRL-M is the shortcode for taking a mulligan.

Aim – Change aim point/direction with the mouse or just hit it that way. You can adjust your aim by using the mini-map in the bottom right or you can even click on the screen in front of you and change your aim point to wherever you click. If you hold the mouse down on the mini-map it shows you distances to the landing target and the distance to the pin from that spot. Hit ‘J’ and you can zoom in to see the landing zone.

Even putting is surprisingly realistic, we find that golfers that have had experience on other simulators are constantly surprised by just how real the putting and short game physics feel when playing on a GSPro course. There are, of course, many different putting options. For those wanting quicker rounds, the auto-putt setting is always available, alternatively a gimme circle comes in handy for a good balance between speed and feel. There are also three different levels of putting difficulty.

Augusta golf course on GSPro

The courses on GSPro are all community built. Great designers from within the game build courses and as a user you have free access to them all. The famous courses are there (or are being built). You can play Augusta, Pebble Beach and so many more, you can play hundreds of other courses from around the world. Most re-creations of real life courses from around the world, there’s even a course that pulls together the most famous 18 holes in the world, it’s a favourite here at GolfSim Australia, enjoy the challenge!

GSPro offers the most customization and ways to play courses. You can play all of them as a par 3 if you want, or choose multiple tee boxes when playing with friends - simply choose different lengths for individual players when setting up a game.

In summary, GSPro offers:

Realistic ball physics. The golf ball flys, bounces and rolls the way it should. It’s very realistic physics and they are improving as they go. Low hard shots will run way farther than higher trajectory shots. A too hard putt will lip out and around the cup or bounce over it.

Crazy good graphics – 4k and stunning. Plus you can customise your look to suit your tastes and setup using the ‘L’ key on the keyboard and then tweaking stuff.

Rough is ‘dynamic’. Meaning the higher you hit the ball the less the rough affects the ball flight. Just like in real life. If you are in thick rough and try to smash a 3w it’s likely to get caught up and slowed way down. Whereas if you hit an 8 iron up and out it will likely only affect the shot slightly and not nearly as severe. Just like real life.

Weekly Tournaments with Simulator Golf Tour – the tour is the driving force behind GSPro. You can join the tour and compete with others in weekly tournaments and year long points races just like the pro’s. Usually they follow the pro’s around to whichever course they play, the SGT plays. Multiple levels of players with different skill level tours to compete in. Plus it tracks a huge amount of data about your game, which goes a great way to helping you understand your game and improve.

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Using GSPro for your golf simulator experience, is a powerful way for golfers of all levels to improve their game, and have fun while doing it. GolfSim Australia recommends using GSPro for it’s ultra realistic feel and data driven courseplay insights.

We are committed to helping golfers reach their full potential by providing cutting-edge simulators, expert guidance, and a passion for the game.

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