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Ground mounted or ceiling mounted sensor?

How to choose.

A very important question to consider when planning your golf simulator room. Its common that for many of the spaces we install into, we don’t always have the amount of space desired for a golf simulator with enough room for chairs, bar-stools and couches at the rear of the room and a rear ground mounted launch monitor can further hinder the layout.

Some of the many benefits of an overhead mounted sensor include:

- Seamless LH and RH gameplay

- More data points provided with the overhead cameras capturing the moment of impact

- No technology located on the ground where it can be hit by a stray ball or knocked over

- No need to ever recalibrate the unit

- Free’s up your floor space for whatever you would like to use it for

Make the most of the available floor space you have by opting for an overhead mounted sensor and have the freedom to design your layout as you please.



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